ICS 200/60 Maintenance and Configuration Training

ICS 200/60 Maintenance and Configuration Training

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The Maintenance and Configuration Training covers the VCS installation and provides a repetition of important parts of the system management and configuration that are relevant for the daily operation of the ICS 200/60.

This training contains a theoretical base part about the system concept and knowledge of the ICS 200/60 hardware modules, a practical part including installation aspects, diagnostics, fault finding and repair by exchanging hardware modules.

The main goal of the course is that the maintenance team is able to identify failures, to change failed modules and to bring the system back to its full operational condition. It covers also system supervision and the system configuration, in order to allow the maintenance engineers to perform the basic configuration tasks (changes telephone numbers, subscriber names, radio channel names, etc.).

Subject: System Installation

  • System Architecture
  • Cabinets with IDF
  • Server and Interface System
  • Operator positions and cabling

Subject: System Maintenance

  • Operator position
  • Server and Interface System
  • Power Supply

Subject: System Supervision

  • Graphical overviews
  • Program functions
  • Radio monitoring and control functions
  • Telephone monitoring and control functions
  • Alarm and Event Management
  • Role and Role plan allocations
  • Fault simulation
  • Specific functions

Subject: Trouble-shooting

  • Error simulation and fault finding exercises
  • Management System PC Maintenance
  • Remote access functions

Duration: 3 days

Location: by video conference

Language: English

Participants: Maximum 4 trainees each course

Training Certificates: conducted by Schmid Telecom Z├╝rich