ICS 200/60 System Management Training

ICS 200/60 System Management Training

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The System Management Training is designed for the experts of the maintenance team (2nd level support).

This training provides the knowledge of all system functions and includes system operation, system configuration (system and operational parameter setup) and supervision. The main subjects of the system configuration part of the course are planning and setup of the system and operational parameter database and its modification, test and validation.

A major part of the training course consists of the engineering of the system with the related system configuration where the trainees learn how to define the system layout and its functionality. It also includes the adaptation of the HMI and configuration of the system for extensions (such as adding new interface modules, etc.).

The training is based on the standard system documentation. Since there are practical parts included in this training it is recommended limiting the number of the participants to a maximum of 4 persons per training course.

Subject: ICS 200/60 system

  • General Overview with Basics of Voice Communications
  • System Architecture
  • Principle of System Function
  • Theory of Operation Air-Ground and Ground-Ground
  • Specific Configuration

Subject: Operator functions

  • General Configuration Overview
  • Database Handling
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • Operator Roles
  • Operator Positions (incl. HMI)

Subject: System trouble-shooting

  • Error simulation and fault finding exercises
  • Management System PC Maintenance
  • Remote Access Functions

Duration: 3 days

Location: by video conference

Language: English

Participants: Maximum 4 trainees each course

Training Certificates: conducted by Schmid Telecom Z├╝rich